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Philadelphia Mayor Announces Historic Compact with Charter Schools & School District


Joined by Philadelphia education, business and philanthropic leaders, Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced today that he and other education leaders have signed a historic agreement to increase the number of high-performing schools in the City. The Philadelphia Great Schools Compact unites the mayor, school district and charter school leaders in a bold, collaborative plan to focus […] More »

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Working with English Language Learners (ELLs) in the Charter School Context


The number of ELL students throughout the United States is increasing yearly and it is the responsibility of our schools to educate these students. 2.9% of the student population of Pennsylvania is ELLs. This increases greatly in the urban areas. Charter schools continue to enroll very few ELLs which have caused many to question the […] More »

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PCPCS Position on Independent Authorizers


After 14 years of operation and experience in Pennsylvania and from educators in 39 other states, we know what makes for high-performing charter schools – dedicated teachers, involved parents, individualized attention, exceptional curriculums, enlightened leadership, and strong authorizers. None of this is surprising, and with the exception of the strong authorizer, every one is identical […] More »

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PCPCS Responds To Inaccurate Reporting On Charter Schools


The December 2 issue of the Morning Call contained an article on a “report” announced to have been released on November 25 in which 26 school superintendents from Carbon, Lehigh, Monroe, Northampton and Pike counties blasted charter schools. We have read the original document, the press release, and the story and have found there are […] More »

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Navigating the Tricky Relationship between the Board Chair and School Head:


It is necessary that the Board and the Executive Director/ED School Head work together to set a school’s culture of excellence and determine the school’s success of its mission.  Bylaws must clearly state the roles and responsibilities of members of the Board of Trustees (BOT) as well as the ED/Head of School.  All stakeholders in […] More »

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