Monthly Archive: February, 2018

PCPCS IS ON THE MOVE! PCPCS is Advocating for Charters!

PCPCS Executive Director Ana Meyers stopped by the Reading Eagle on Wednesday to discuss charter schools and how they are portrayed in the media. Ana encouraged the editorial staff to visit charters and to speak to students and parents and to hear first hand about the wonderful things that charters are doing for families!

DON’T MISS THIS! CCFA Wins Community Service Award

Be sure to check out this video from Chester County Family Academy! The video shows all the Reasons CCFA was named the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Community Service Award Winner!

SCHOOL VISIT: Chester County Family Academy

On Wednesday, Ana and Brandie visited Chester County Family Academy in West Chester, PA. CCFA is K-2 school that provides education to the underprivileged children in West Chester that come from poverty stricken,

SCHOOL VISIT: Reach Cyber Charter School

On Tuesday, Ana and Brandie visited Reach Cyber in Dauphin County. Reach Cyber opened in June 2016 with 468 students and today has grown to over 2,100 students! In addition, the number of students with an IEP has more than doubled in just 6 months!

NEWSLETTER: PCPCS News from the Week of February 10-16

Click here to see the latest news from the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools.

NEWS: Cato Institute and the University of Arkansas releases new charter school study

Cato Institute and the University of Arkansas released a study “Bigger Bang, Fewer Bucks? The Productivity of Public Charter Schools in Eight U.S. Cities” that shows charters are doing more with less all over the US!