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Mission Statement

The mission of the Eugenio Maria DeHostos Community Bilingual Charter School (hereafter referred to as Hostos Charter School) is to promote excellence by providing middle level students a bilingual, bicultural academically enriched curriculum that draws from the social historical experience of Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans living in the United States. This curriculum will provide all students a clear sense of their cultural identity, a critical approach to the history of Puerto Rico as part of the Americas and Caribbean, and they will develop a strong social change commitment to their community. The school will provide a rigorous curriculum that will fuse high technology with the arts and project-based instruction. We believe that school should be a place that is characterized by respect, critical thinking, democratic classrooms, and the vigorous challenges that are essential to maximize every student’s potential. In addition, at the core of the Hostos Charter School is the unity and empowerment of the community, parents, students, teachers, and staff of the schools.

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Alberto Vargas


Alberto Vargas

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PVAAS Status (What's this?)

Grades 4-8 » Reading

Significant evidence that the school exceeded the standard for PA Academic Growth.

Grades 4-8 » Math

Significant evidence that the school exceeded the standard for PA Academic Growth.

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