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Mission Statement

Khepera Charter School's mission is to create exceptional learners and leaders by using culturally responsive methodologies to close the academic achievement gap attributed to race, gender and economic class. In keeping with this mission Khepera utilizes the culture and history of its students to inspire a commitment to excellence in character, in scholarship, and in citizenship. Khepera Charter School stresses excellence in scholarship and gives particular attention to building capacities in the critical literacies of language arts, numeracy, science, and technology. Excellence in character is cultivated through the use of traditional African and African American value systems. Excellence in citizenship is developed through service to family, community, the environment, and the world.

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Charles Highsmith, Jr


Verna Holmes

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144 West Carpenter Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Phone: 215-843-1700


PVAAS Status (What's this?)

Grades 4-8 » Reading

Significant evidence that the school exceeded the standard for PA Academic Growth.

Grades 4-8 » Math

Evidence that the school met the standard for PA Academic Growth.

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