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Stone Valley Community Charter School

Mission Statement

The mission of the Stone Valley Community Charter School is:

  • To provide a rural, community-oriented learning center that both reflects and helps to shape the best of the Stone Valley’s educational, social, and cultural heritage. We believe it is our responsibility to give back to our community by providing a location for gathering and service to all.
  • To provide a flexible learning environment with small classes and a high teacher-student ratio where teachers are able to design and tailor the best working and learning environment to meet the needs of the whole child. We believe that school must be able to accommodate each child's individual learning style and developmental pace, and respond not only to their intellectual needs, but also equally important to their emotional, social, and physical needs.
  • To provide opportunities for students to interact with a variety of instructional materials and emphasize the importance of learning from each other, from adults, and from community resources. We believe experiences outside the traditional classroom setting are an essential component of learning.
  • To involve parents as an integral part of the overall school program.
  • To integrate the learning process with a personal understanding of the natural environment and the cultural heritage of the surrounding area.

Grades Served

K - 5


Verna Etchells

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13006 Greenwood Rd.
Huntingdon, PA 16652

Phone: 814-667-2705


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