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Mission Statement

The mission of the Universal Institute Charter School is to provide a School to Career academic program that emphasizes self-sufficiency, civic responsibility and problem solving through mathematics, language arts and the sciences. The educational program will utilize community resources within the Universal Institute's immediate neighborhood through a variety of before during and after school partnerships with families, businesses, social agencies, civics groups and community organizations to enhance the academic program and to support students and their families. By definition, School to Career is a K through 12 model of instruction, curriculum and assessment that prepares students for success in the world of work, further education, employment, entrepreneurship, and/or service to the community.

Grades Served

K - 8


Rahim Islam


Bruce Frazier

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School Districts Served

Philadelphia City

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801 South 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Phone: 215-732-7988


PVAAS Status (What's this?)

Grades 4-8 » Reading

Evidence that the school met the standard for PA Academic Growth.

Grades 4-8 » Math

Significant evidence that the school did not meet the standard for PA Academic Growth.

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Made AYP

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