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PCPCS is pleased to provide a variety of our publications online and in one location for school leaders, teachers, families, charter school authorizers and school communities for critical decision-making purposes.

Special Reports

Myths and Facts about Charter Schools: Despite the success of charter schools, or perhaps because of it, misconceptions abound about what charter schools are and what they do. Supporters of the educational status quo have propagated a number of myths about charter schools—myths that have sometimes proven hard to dispel in the popular press and with some members of the general public. Today, perhaps more than ever, it is critical that these myths be dispelled. Click here to read Myths and Facts about Charter Schools.

2017 Year In Review: What a whirlwind of a year 2017 was for the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools! With your help, we connected with thousands of charter supporters throughout the Keystone State, we led legislative efforts to strengthen our community of schools, and we worked harder than ever to empower charter leaders with the tools they need to ensure success for their staff and students. Click here to look back at the 10 most exciting milestones and accomplishments of 2017.

PCPCS: Who we are: The Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS) is the voice of public charter schools in the state of Pennsylvania – representing both brick-and-mortar and cyber schools throughout the Keystone State. We advocate for the rights of charter school students, parents, educators, and leaders! Click here to find out more about the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools. 

PCPCS FACT of the Month

FEBRUARY 2018 FACT of the Month: Governor Wolf recently delivered his fiscal year budget address, articulating his 2018-19 vision for Pennsylvania, to a joint session of the General Assembly. PCPCS’ Director of Operations & Data Analytics, Brandie Karpew, prepared an overview of the Governor’s proposal and provides a visualization the historical funding for PreK-12 funding in Pennsylvania. Click here to see the FACT of the Month for February 2018


Issue Briefs

Current state guidance with regards to the transportation of students with disabilities from home to school and school to home is discriminatory and inconsistent with practices for regular education students in the state of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, the guidance issued on October 1, 2004 is costing taxpayers more money than necessary for the transportation of these public-school students. Click here to read our position on the transportation needs of student with disabilities.

JANUARY 2018 FACT of the Month: Cyber charter schools are a popular alternative to traditional bricks-and-mortar schools as they provide a way for students to complete their coursework online and at their own pace in almost any location. This is a significant benefit for families in rural areas as well as students who need or want more flexible academic schedules. Our January FACT of the month illustrates how cyber charter schools are thriving in Pennsylvania! Click here to see the FACT of the month for January 2018.

Under the latest changes in the PDE’s truancy law, charter schools are now directed to file the truancy complaint directly with the district judge. However, school districts have been  allowed to continue to deduct their expenses from the PDE 363, giving the charter schools the burden of responsibility without the funds associated with the costs. Click here to download our issue brief related to truancy issues and charter schools.


DECEMBER 2017 FACT of the Month: Across the state – from Pittsburgh to Scranton, Erie to Philadelphia – demand for quality public charter schools is growing and parents are insisting on school choice! When given a choice in education, parental satisfaction increases, academic outcomes improve, and opportunities for customized learning expand. Our February FACT of the month shows how charter schools have expanded throughout Pennsylvania over the last ten years. Click here to see the FACT of the month for December 2017.