About Us

Representing Charter Schools Throughout the Keystone State

Founded in 2005, the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS) represents charter schools throughout the Keystone State. As the state’s largest and most active charter organization, PCPCS advocates for both brick-and-mortar and cyber charter schools. Our work spans across the state including regional training events, school tours, legislative engagement, and media relations.

Our Vision

To serve as a catalyst for educational excellence through opportunity, innovation, and unity.

Our Mission

The mission of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools is to be the preferred resource serving the collective interests of all Pennsylvania Charter Schools by encouraging positive internal and external communication, advocating for shared goals, and promoting the highest standards for all public schools.

The Coalition is a nonprofit 501c3 organization with membership open to public charters schools and public charter school supporters including families, community leaders, and business leaders. Click here to learn more about membership opportunities.

Our Work

To support our mission, the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools:

  • Advocates for reform-minded charter school laws;
  • Promotes the public charter school movement;
  • Fosters communication among its members to ensure that best practices and up-to-date information is shared among our schools and their staffs;
  • Supports and assists its members in the development of their professional managerial skills and in the advancement of public charter schools;
  • Establishes working relationships with other education reform organizations, professional organizations and government agencies seeking to improve the quantity and quality of educational choices for parents.



The Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools works with companies, individuals, and organizations throughout the Keystone State to provide services and information to charter schools.


The Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools is led by charter school executives and advised by Leadership Council of education experts from across the state.


Download a copy of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools bylaws.

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