Public charter schools are an integral part of the education system in Pennsylvania, providing families with choices and innovative approaches to education. To ensure the success of public charter schools, we request that funding be allocated to them in a manner that aligns with the same principles of equity and fairness applied to traditional public schools. Funding should follow the student, meaning that the resources provided for each child should be based on their enrollment in a public charter school.

Please keep the following in mind when the issue of funding Pennsylvania’s charter schools gets raised.

Adequate and Stable Funding

Stability in education funding is vital for schools to plan and provide quality education effectively. We urge legislators to establish a reliable and predictable funding stream that allows schools, both traditional public schools and public charter schools, to meet the needs of their students without uncertainty or financial strain.

Addressing Facility Funding Disparities

One concern that needs attention is the disparity in funding for school facilities. Public charter schools often need help securing adequate funding for facilities, impacting their ability to create conducive learning environments. Our public officials should explore ways to address this issue through targeted funding assistance for facility upgrades and maintenance.

Collaboration and Transparency

To ensure accountability and efficiency in public funds, we recommend promoting collaboration between all stakeholders in education, including traditional public schools, public charter schools, and local communities. Transparency in funding allocation, expenditures, and academic outcomes will foster trust among all parties and encourage responsible use of resources.

Cutting Funding is Detrimental

There are several reasons why cutting funding to public charter schools is a detrimental act. Cutting funding can likely:

  • Limit the educational opportunities available to students, especially those in underprivileged areas where traditional public schools may struggle to meet their needs adequately,
  • Disproportionately affect underprivileged communities, which only perpetuates educational inequities,
  • Limit the availability of tailored educational approaches, potentially leaving students without access to the instructional methods that best support their learning styles and needs, and
  • Adversely affect competition and accountability for traditional public schools, which can negatively impact the quality of education throughout all of Pennsylvania.


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