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A key to protecting and advancing the interests of Pennsylvania’s public charter schools is to support the issues that matter most to them. Stay on top of the important issues now so that we can help our students succeed in the future. Every voice matters!

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PCPCS seeks to advance a collection of policy and legislative goals. It’s our hope that current legislators and our governor as well as prospective legislators and gubernatorial candidates are listening to the will of Pennsylvania parents and their schoolchildren as they continue to find and engage new options for K-12 education.

Our overarching legislative goals and priorities include advancing the following issues:

  • Educational ecosystem: Charter schools offer a unique and dynamic educational ecosystem that fosters innovation, flexibility, and accountability, making them the best example of educational ecosystems.
  • Fair Funding: Public charter schools are an integral part of the education system in Pennsylvania. To ensure their success, we ask that funding be allocated to them in a manner that aligns with the same principles of equity and fairness applied to traditional public schools.
  • Enrollment Caps: PCPCS disfavors imposing enrollment caps on public charter schools. This is primarily because caps may lead to civil rights issues due to their potential impact on equal access to education.
  • Transportation: A variety of transportation options should be provided to our charter school students and families. A lack of such options can lead to limited access to education, educational inequality, reduced school choice, and an increased burden on families.
  • Special Education of Funding: Special education funding should not be cut. Cutting this funding is a clear violation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
  • The Charter School Appeal Board (CAB): All seats on the CAB must be filled to ensure effective governance.

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