The Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools is holding a press conference Tuesday, June 7, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. in the Pennsylvania Capitol Main Rotunda. There will be speakers from the Public Charter School Movement. Members of the media are invited to attend the press conference. 

The following letter was sent to the General Assembly yesterday:

Dear Members of the General Assembly,

Our children are your constituents.  But unfortunately, for far too long, the conversation has been about money!  We want the conversation to be about what is best for our children. We want the parent voices to be the first voice you consider in deciding on education.

There are 170,000 children attending public charter schools in Pennsylvania.  They are attending these schools because we decided it was best for our children’s wellbeing.  We believe that public charter schools in Pennsylvania provide a holistic approach that balances academics, social and emotional needs, and behavior support.  In addition, we believe public charter schools put relationships first and foremost over high-stakes testing.

Our charter schools were there for us during the COVID-19 Pandemic, providing support for students and parents, food, and resources, and high-quality, differentiated educational support.  So, we want to know who will be there to defend our children.

Are you going to protect the schools we love?  Will you stand with us, the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools Parent Advisory Committee?


The Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools Parent Advisory Committee Cohort 1

Jenna Hannum, Christine Rock, Kristen Valenti, Maryclaire Foundakos, Megan Beatty, Colleen Freyvogel Bruss, Nicole Anderson, Nicole Bubenheim, Lisa Kennedy, Lauren Silinski, Lynn Griffith, Tracey D. Duncan, Chelsey Gerrich, and Crystal L. Long

Please reach out to Dr. Anne Clark, CEO, Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, at if you have any questions. To learn more about the Parent Advisory Committee please visit the website: