HARRISBURG (June 8, 2020) – The following is a statement from the Board of Trustees of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS) regarding the departure of Ana Meyers as executive director.

We have determined that new leadership is in the best interests of our member schools and the families they serve across the state. We thank Ana Meyers for her tireless efforts over the past three years to create more educational opportunities for students in Pennsylvania, especially minority and economically disadvantaged students, in public charter schools.

We will begin a search for a new executive director to lead the organization and advocate on behalf of more than 143,000 public charter school students. The Board and staff of PCPCS remain committed to serving charter schools and their students and supporting the mission and goals of the organization.

PCPCS is a member organization representing public charter schools across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which serve a greater share of minority and economically disadvantaged students than the state’s traditional district schools.

Public charter schools stand for inclusion, diversity, and educational opportunity. The Coalition and its member schools share a mission that rejects racism and injustice and seeks to overcome them by enabling access to quality public education for all students, regardless of their ZIP code.

On Friday, Meyers apologized for remarks she made about protesters while defending law enforcement, saying the horrific death of George Floyd should not reflect on all officers. She acknowledged the comments were insensitive and did not consider the pain, anger and grief of those “who were protesting his death and seeking rightful justice.”

Pennsylvania’s 180 public charter schools educate a higher percentage of minority and economically disadvantaged students than district schools across the state and provide options for families who cannot afford private education.

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