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PCPCS formed 143K Rising as a way for lawmakers in Harrisburg to hear directly from charter school families. The goal is to give charter school families a voice in policy decisions that otherwise could have disastrous consequences for the education and future of their children.


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Elevating the Voices of Charter Families

There are more than 170,000 students and families across Pennsylvania who have chosen a public charter school.

Each family has a unique story and reason for that choice, but they stand united in their resolve to protect charter schools and choice in Pennsylvania.

Don’t Take Away Our Children’s Future

Families choose public charter schools for their children for many reasons. Some children were bullied. Some experienced anxiety. Some had physical limitations. Others were unmotivated by the one-size-fits-all education.

No matter the specific reason, however, we must continue to fight for the charter school option and the values these schools instill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pennsylvania’s charter schools truly in danger?2023-09-19T17:42:27-04:00

Perhaps, yes. Every year, lawmakers listening to education special interest groups propose policies that would spell the death of public charter schools in Pennsylvania. Often, lawmakers or bureaucrats propose these destructive and punitive measures without ever listening to the thousands of families they would hurt.

143K Rising is a campaign dedicated to elevating the voices of charter families. We encourage you to join this movement and TAKE ACTION to help save PA’s public charter schools!

Do special interest groups promote myths in an attempt to hurt public charter schools?2023-09-19T17:45:15-04:00

Special interest groups will often say anything to take away our educational options. Don’t let their falsehoods take away our children’s future.

Please click here to learn the facts about public charter schools in PA.

Does PCPCS have any success stories regarding 143K Rising and PA public charter schools?2023-09-19T17:51:04-04:00

Yes. Please click here to read the success stories and view our testimonials.

Do PA’s public charter schools help promote equality?2023-09-19T17:52:43-04:00

Yes. Pennsylvania’s public charter schools promote equity and equality by ensuring that students from all backgrounds have access and resources to education.

Families will fight any legislative or executive attempt that limits or removes public education options that are available to parents and children now, including arbitrary funding cuts.

Competition creates better schools for all children.

How can you join the 143K Rising community?2023-09-19T17:54:00-04:00

Please click here to join 143K Rising. As a member, you will receive email updates from the 143K Rising movement on the latest efforts to protect public education options. You will also have the opportunity to contact your state lawmakers and let them know you support public charter schools.

Let’s tell Harrisburg that parents, not politicians, know what’s best for kids!

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