Parent Advisory Committee

PCPCS launched the Parent Advisory Committee in May of 2022. The mission of the Committee is to advise the Coalition as it develops and implements a strategic plan for the Coalition’s objectives now and into the future.

Responsibilities of the Committee

  • Provide a communication link between the Coalition and the charter community
  • Help identify the concerns of students, parents, and community members and assist in developing solutions
  • Assist the Coalition by providing input on the educational priorities of the charter school community and provide the Coalition with parents’ views and feedback about school programs, policies, plans, and activities
  • Offer advice on a variety of school issues (for example, school climate, social-emotional learning, Title I, special education, ELL, attendance, extracurricular activities, etc.)
  • Promote and encourage parent and community participation in the charter school community
  • Advocate on behalf of charter school parents and students

Criteria for Committee Membership

  • Grade-level representation (elementary, middle, and high school)
  • Geographic representation (urban, suburban, rural)
  • Programming representation (cyber, brick and mortar, dual language, performing arts, etc.)
  • Background and experience as they relate to the mission and responsibilities of the Parent Advisory Committee
  • Ability to commit the appropriate amount of time to the work of the group (1-2hours per month)
  • Desire to lead sub-committees of parents on special topics
  • Availability to meet with the Coalition’s Leadership Team approximately once every 6 weeks during the school day

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