• President: Dr. Reese Flurie, CEO, The Flurie Solutions Group, LLC
  • Vice President: Guy Ciarrocchi, Senior Fellow, Commonwealth Foundation
  • Secretary: Dr. Andrea Coleman-Hill, CEO of Laboratory Charter School
  • Treasurer: Dr. Naomi Johnson-Booker, Founder and CEO, Global Leadership Academy


  • Dr. Gina Guarino Buli – CEO, Renaissance Academy Charter School – Eastern Region
  • Dr. Malynda Maurer – CEO, Central PA Digital Learning Foundation Charter School – Cyber West
  • Dr. Renee Gordon, CAO, Charter School of Excellence – Western Region
  • Brian Hayden, CEO, Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School
  • Dr. Doug Allen, CEO, Tidioute Charter School – Western Region
  • Doug Wessels, Chief Public Affairs & Accountability Officer, PA Virtual Cyber Charter School – Cyber East
  • Jim Smith
  • Dave Rossi (PCE Seat), CEO, Esperanza Academy Charter Schools

Advisory Council

  • Jennifer Lea Morrison, PA Steam Academy
  • Sandra Gonzalez, Antonia Pantoja Charter School
  • Alyssa Mace, Roberto Clemente Charter School
  • Christine Miller, Vida Charter School
  • Dr. Adam Kenz, Vision Academy CS and Vision Academy CS of Excellence
  • Susan Mauser, Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School
  • Joy Karsner, Philadelphia Montessori Charter School
  • Mark Simms, La Academia Partnership Charter School
  • Dr. Michael Leitera, PA Distance Learning Charter School
  • Faye Pleso, Gettysburg Montessori Charter School
  • Dara Ware Allen, City Charter High School
  • Jenn Clarke, Pennwood/Pearson

Board Minutes

PCPCS October 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

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Minutes June 23,2022 Board Meeting

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