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Dear Charter Leaders;

Charter Schools don’t just happen.  They don’t just happen because they provide quality educational choices for parents and students.  They don’t just happen because parents and students are demanding these educational choices.  While these things are true, charter schools happen first because people like you have worked hard and overcame many obstacles and opposition.  Those obstacles and opposition still exist.

Likewise, charter school laws don’t just happen.  These laws don’t pass legislative hurdles just because quality educational choices make sense and good public policy.  They don’t just happen because one or two legislators had a good idea and magically it became law.  No, charter school laws happen because broad coalitions of public officials, educators and grassroots organizers put political pressure on governors and state legislators.  They happen because, despite powerful, well-funded and well organized special interests, these coalitions break through the barriers and successfully demand quality educational choices for parents and students.

I know this is true as a former legislator who helped fight and win some of these battles.  But the war is not over.  Charter schools in Pennsylvania are one act of the General Assembly away from going out of existence.  For those of us who believe in educational choice we cannot let our guard down for one moment.

That is why I joined the Board of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS), and that is why I urge you to become a member.  There are so many good reasons for joining PCPCS…advocacy, seminars and workshops and networking with colleagues are just a few.  But perhaps the most important is that it means so much more to Representatives and Senators if our Executive Director and lobbyists can say they are speaking for all 150 charter schools in Pennsylvania serving over 100,000 students and their families.

Your membership in PCPCS is an important investment in your school and your students and their families.  I hope I can count on your favorable response.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at 


Senator Jeff Piccola (retired)

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