We are proud to introduce you to Charter Choices, one of our long-term consultants. Charter Choices is an independent educational consulting firm that offers back office, administrative, and accounting support to schools. Their clients include charter school startups, charter schools, cyber charter schools, traditional schools, and nonprofit organizations.

Charter Choices’ Mission

According to the company’s website, Charter Choices consists of a group of visionary choice advocates, accountants, analysts, billing-gurus, designers, forward thinkers, backwards thinkers, never-ending learners, former teachers, and forever students.

Their aim is to help your school grow, innovate, and succeed. They provide superior, effective, efficient, and timely service while also maintaining the highest levels of service and accountability. Charter Choices strives to provide an enjoyable workplace that emphasizes open communication, teamwork, and mutual respect.

Charter Choices’ Services

Charter Choices provides seven distinct areas of service. These include:

  1. Accounting & Finance: They’ll manage your back office so you can focus on educating children.
  2. District Billing: Their VSIMS technology ensures consistent and reliable cashflow.
  3. Strategic Planning: This area of service includes visioning, road-mapping, budget modeling, and impact tracking.
  4. Compliance & Reporting: Trust Charter Choices to deliver reliable and accurate data to your authorizers, lenders, and partners.
  5. Capital Financing: The company delivers simple and cost-effective borrowing solutions (including tax-exempt financing).
  6. Charter Application/Renewal: Charter Choices helps bring your dreams to life, and they keep them going.
  7. Audit Support: They believe in accountability and transparency, and consistently deliver clean audits for their clients.

Contact Charter Choices Today!

Headquartered in Glenside, Pennsylvania, Charter Choices supports and empowers education leaders to create and lead innovative and high-quality schools. PCPCS trust and values Charter Choices consulting services and support. They have been serving Pennsylvania charter schools for over 15 years now and have served over 50 schools. Contact them now to help innovate your school!