Thank you Torsh and EdConnective for sharing your expertise with us on Wednesday! If you missed their session, you can view it now! In this workshop, you’ll get practical tips for helping your teachers master key remote teaching proficiencies to minimize student learning loss.

Topics include:

– Creating a simple yet effective remote learning space

– Building meaningful relationships with students and their families

– Engaging students in rigorous content in order to turn potential learning loss into accelerated learning

Virtual teacher coaching experts from EdConnective Lauren Vargas (M.EdL) and Rashaida Melvin (M.EdL) will draw not only on their own knowledge and classroom experience but on the experience of the EdConnective expert virtual coaching team, which they lead. The team fields questions from administrators and teachers daily, and are a wealth of knowledge with over 500 years of collective teaching experience.

Click here to view recording of the session! Password: 9D@^&.Ij