Harrisburg — This morning, the House Education Committee met to consider a package of four charter reform bills – House Bills 355 (Rep. Reese), 356 (Rep. Dowling), 357 (Rep. Topper) and 358 (Rep. Marshall). Despite several amendments filed, all four bills passed out of the Committee in their original form and now head to the House Floor for debate. The following is a statement from Ana Meyers, Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS), on the passage of these charter reform bills out of Committee:

“PCPCS thanks the members of the House Education Committee for advancing House Bills 355, 356, 357 and 358 to the House Floor for debate. The Coalition has been working for several years with members of the General Assembly to update Pennsylvania’s Charter School Law, in an effort to improve and strengthen the laws governing charter schools.

These bills would increase ethics requirements for charter schools, establish a process for charter amendments, allow cyber charter students to access public facilities for the administration of state standardized tests and provide charter students an opportunity to participate in dual enrollment programs.

PCPCS thanks Representatives Reese, Dowling, Topper and Marshall for their leadership in sponsoring these four charter reform bills and Chairman Sonney for committing to work with lawmakers from both sides of the isle to see that commonsense reforms are enacted.”


Media Contact:

Jessica Hickernell, Director of Public Affairs & Policy