[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]PCPCS is pleased to provide a variety of our presentations from our popular events online and in one location for school leaders, teachers, families, charter school authorizers and school communities for critical decision-making purposes.

Charter School Fundamentals Presentations

An Overview of Legal Requirements for the Application Process by Latsha, Davis, and McKenna

An Overview of the Start-up Planning Process by Conrad O’Brien

An Overview of the Right to Know Law by The MacMain Law Group LLC

Finance and Budgeting by Charter Choices

How to Find and Keep Excellent Teachers by Lakeside Leadership

School Security and Risk Vulnerability Assessment by Vulnerability Solutions Group

Grassroots Training Presentations

Grassroots Activism by Brenden Steinhauser and Ana Meyers

Media Training 101 by Brenden Steinhauser