Lawmakers honored during PCPCS’ 2021 Charter School Student Showcase event highlighting charter student achievements

HARRISBURG (MAY 13, 2021) – The Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS) today honored two legislative champions of public charter schools, Sen. Anthony H. Williams, D-Philadelphia, and Rep. Josh Kail, R-Beaver, with the 2021 Charter Champion Award.

The Charter Champion Award recognizes supporters of public charter schools and celebrates their efforts to defend public charter schools and the students they serve in Pennsylvania.

“Both Senator Anthony Williams and Representative Josh Kail have publicly and passionately extolled the values of school choice and public charter schools in Pennsylvania,” said Lenny McAllister, CEO of PCPCS. “As leaders, they have worked to improve public education for every student – both in school districts and public charter schools – with the understanding that each Pennsylvania family deserves to find an academic and developmental fit for their children.”

The Charter Champion Awards were presented virtually during PCPCS’ 2021 Charter School Student Showcase event in honor of National Charter Schools Week. The Showcase featured the talent and successes of public charter school students from across the state.

View the 2021 Charter School Student Showcase

In accepting the award, Williams said his family always stressed the importance of education. His mother was a public school educator, as were many of his relatives. Education was a priority in their home.

“They drummed into our minds that, for generations, African Americans were denied the right to be educated and, by any and all means, we would never be denied that opportunity going forward,” Williams said.

Kail’s support of public charter schools stems from his belief that educational opportunities empower children and families.

“Charter schools put the focus of education squarely on students. Parents are empowered with real choices to benefit their children,” Kail said. “This educational opportunity for families provides strong accountability, because parents with a real choice are going to make the best choice for their children. With charter schools, parents and students win. And, when parents and students win, we all win.”

In addition to the Charter Champion Award, the Charter School Student Showcase event included performances and presentations from public charter school students from across the commonwealth. Students from the following schools shared their exceptional talents and successes during the virtual event:

“These students embody the power of educational choices in helping students achieve success,” McAllister said. “We were proud to feature their accomplishments during National Charter Schools Week, and we thank them for sharing their talents with us.”

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