This morning, the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS) sent a letter to Secretary Pedro Rivera at the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) asking him to stop the Pottsville Area School District’s incentive program to lure charter school students back to the district.  The letter outlines Pottsville Area’s ploy to win back students, which includes bribing charter school students with a $100 gift card if they enroll in the district.  PCPCS believes this is a blatant misuse of taxpayer funds and should be stopped immediately.

A copy of the letter sent to Secretary Rivera can be found here.  The details of Pottsville Area’s incentive program is outlined in this postcard sent to parents.


The Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS), is the state’s largest and most active organization advocating for both brick-and-mortar and cyber charter schools.