The 2023-2024 school year is here! A new year brings fresh challenges and opportunities for our charter school students. Parental support can undoubtedly serve as a guiding light that can help illuminate your student’s new path. In providing this support, please keep the following thoughts in mind.

Promote Exploring New Subjects

Your students will likely be tackling new subjects and disciplines within the upcoming months. Take some time to explore these new areas together. Find exciting topics related to the subjects and engage in conversation about them. A goal is to spark an interest in learning beyond the classroom.

Help Set Goals

It’s important that our charter school students set goals at the beginning of a new school year. Goals give your child something concrete to strive for. They also serve as valuable tools to help measure your child’s progress. Take some time to help your student write down a few goals and discuss the best methods to help accomplish them. When discussing, try to foster a sense of purpose and self-awareness.

Emphasize Effective Time Management

As your charter school student gets farther along in school, time management skills become an integral component to a successful education. This is especially true if your student is engaged in activities and hobbies outside of the classroom. Introduce your child to various time management techniques, such as:

  • Creating schedules,
  • Making “to-do” lists,
  • Prioritizing tasks, and
  • Setting goals.

A key is to help them establish a routine that includes both a focus on studies, as well as time for relaxation and exploration.

Foster Critical Thinking

Help nurture your student’s thinking skills. Ask thought-provoking questions regarding current events, school projects, diverse viewpoints, and societal issues. If your child is reading a book in school, try to ask questions about characters, setting, and plot. Try to help your child question general assumptions and analyze critical information.

Celebrate Diversity and Creativity

Pennsylvania’s charter school community is filled with a diverse group of students. This is an incredible thing! Discuss diversity with your student and encourage your student to celebrate it with you. Similarly, creativity in our community is an exceptional thing. It fuels innovation and personal expression. Encourage creativity at home by offering art supplies, writing materials, and musical instruments.


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