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INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT: Spectrum Charter School

Don’t miss the latest edition of Innovation Spotlight featuring Spectrum Charter School titled Spectrum Charter School: Using Pet Therapy to Assist Students with Socialization and Communication Skills

INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT: Agora Cyber Charter School

Don’t miss the latest edition of the PCPCS Innovation Spotlight featuring Agora Cyber Charter School!
Agora Cyber Charter School recently became the first cyber charter school in the country to be designated as a Trauma-Informed School by the Attachment & Trauma Network,

Innovation Spotlight: AgWorks at CCA

When CCA purchased the building that now houses its Capital Campus in Harrisburg, it was faced with the question of what to do with a large atrium filled with sunlight. Since the Harrisburg location is central to the agricultural community, CCA had an idea to create a space to house a living,

INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT: Nittany Valley Charter School

Nittany Valley Charter School (NVCS) is a K-6 charter school with 48 students located in State College, PA. Prior to receiving their charter in 1998, NVCS had operated as a private school, Nittany Valley Academy serving just 24 students. When Act 22 was passed in 1997,

INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT: Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship

Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship (Penn Hills) is a grade K-8 charter school serving close to 400 students just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. The mission of Penn Hills is to provide a world-class education for students in the Penn Hills community that will not only prepare students academically,

INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT!: Olney Charter High School

Don’t miss our new feature, the PCPCS Innovation Spotlight! The PCPCS Innovation Spotlight provides charter schools the opportunity to tell other charter schools about a program, project or initiative successfully implemented that involved change, innovation, or the enhancement of academic or administrative excellence and effectiveness.