Monthly Archive: June, 2022

Weekly Newsletter – 6-28-22 Edition

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Weekly Newsletter – 6-22-22 Edition

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Letter to General Assembly Calling on Dual Enrollment for ALL Public School Students!

Let’s Work Together to Help Our State’s Teacher Shortage Challenge + Provide College Course Opportunities for ALL of PA’s Public School Students

To: Senator Vincent Hughes and Senator Lindsey Williams

CC: Representative Jim Marshall,

Weekly Newsletter – 6-16-22 Edition

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Letter to Philadelphia Mayor and City Council: Board of Education Threatens to Close Schools and Displace 2,000 Students

To: Mayor Kenney,

CC: School District of Philadelphia, Otis Hackney, Mark Squilla, Kenyatta Johnson, Jamie Gauthier, Curtis Jones, Darrell Clarke, Maria Q. Sanchez, Cindy Bass, Cherelle Parker, Brian O’Neill, Kendra Brooks,

Weekly Newsletter – 6-7-22 Edition

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